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Terrific Teaching

The Terrific Teaching series is ideal for casual teachers and home-schoolers looking for great ideas that will capture their primary school students’ imagination and enthusiasm. The books are written by experienced educators to provide quick, simple and interesting photocopiable activities in a broad range of curriculum topics.

Terrific teaching - Free Time Activities: Molly Potter has come up with some wonderfully entertaining activities, which are ideal for after school, holidays, indoor playtimes or at any other ‘off timetable’ slots during the school day. These photocopiable books are packed with innovative, exciting and unusual activities such as an ‘intergalactic beauty contest’ ‘a noise scavenger hunt’ or ‘pencil olympics’! They are the type of activity that busy teachers no longer have the time or energy to create.

Terrific Teaching - Open-Ended Homework Tasks: A three-books series that aims to strengthen students' interest in learning. Each of the 36 tasks in each book are varied to avoid boredom and open-ended to allow all students to complete the same task at their ability level. More capabale students are challenged and struggling students are not demeaned by work that is too hard or is different to the work set for the rest of the class.