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Downloadable pdf: Games programming in Scratch Introduction to Python Practical programming skills in Python
Downloadable pdf: Introduction to Python
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This title includes eight units that teachers can use to help students learn about the Scratch programming environment and how to plan, develop, test and debug their own program.

A series of lessons introduce the Scratch programming environment, and students learn to reverse-engineer some existing games. They will learn to plan and develop their own game, incorporate variables, procedures (using the Broadcast function), lists and operators. Finally, students learn the skills to create a fully working game with lives, scoring and some randomisation of objects, and to test and debug their programs.

This title is an introduction to Python, the powerful but easy-to-use high-level programming language. The lessons enable students to understand the process of developing programs, the importance of writing correct syntax, learn how to formulate algorithms for simple programs and debug their programs. Students will also learn about If statements, While loops, validation and searching.

These resources are written to enable teachers to deliver lessons about Python without students having to understand numerous syntax rules, and to help teachers unfamiliar with Python to assist pupils with problems they encounter when using the worksheets. These worksheets require minimal introduction, and encourage students to find out things for themselves while interacting with the software.
This title covers the basic programming syntax, giving numerous examples of how to write Python programs to solve different types of problems and summarises some of the most common programming techniques used, such as validating data entry, working with arrays and lists, storing data in files, and creating a menu system with separate functions for each of the menu options.
Python Next Steps
Downloadable pdf: Python Next Steps
Our Price: AUD$190.00 Inc GST
This title has a series of tasks designed to revisit the basic skills already covered. Students then use for loops and compare their use with while loops, before moving on to arrays (lists), which are introduced as a new data structure and are used in conjunction with for loops. Functions with and without parameters are covered to help students understand the concept and benefits of modular programming.