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Targeting Text Interactively

Targeting Text Interactively is a powerful new series of CD-ROMs for teaching text types using an IWB (interactive whiteboard). Students will find the text samples refreshing and engaging as they learn to write well in a variety of genres.

Each set consists of three CD-ROMs for lower, middle and upper primary. Each CD-ROM contains an extensive Writer’s Toolkit section, which provides essential information on the five stages of writing as well as the Traits of Good Writing. The stages covered are: 1. Pre-writing 2. Proofreading and editing 3. Drafting 4. Publishing 5. Revising Price includes full School Site Licence.

Each CD-ROM can be installed on your school network, classroom computers or used on an interactive whiteboard.

Minimum Requirements PC: P4 1.4Ghz or faster processor running Windows XP or Windows 7 Mac: G5 or better processor running OS X 10.4 or higher (note this product will not run on OS X 10.3 or lower).