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Story-writing Scaffolds

Students struggling with story-writing? Give them Story-writing Scaffolds and the sky's the limit! The Story-writing Scaffolds series teaches students how to plan and write stories in a variety of different genres as well as incorporating specific grammar, vocabulary and writing features.

The 6 books in the series include:
  • Teacher's notes on the genres and texts formats.
  • Guidance on how to develop specific grammar skills in student's writing.
  • Illustrated photocopiable exemplar stories together with an annotated teacher's version that highlights the grammar, punctuation and writing techniques used in the story.
  • Guidance on how to assist students to write a particular genre.
  • Notes and tips for students on writing stories.
  • Story scaffolds for each genre enable students to choose the course of the story they are writing.
  • Vocabulary banks for each genre, to use and add to.