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Phonics Unlimited

The Phonics Unlimited series is suitable for teachers, tutors and home educators. It is an all-inclusive flexible program that can be used with mixed groups or individuals of varying levels of ability and ages. It is particularly suitable for older students who struggle with basic skills. Each component can be used separately but will deliver the best results when used as a complete program. How to get started

  • Provides a complete sequence – from ‘cat’ to ‘catastrophe’.
  • Complements other phonic materials.
  • Provides a gradual build up from simple to complex.
  • Incorporates punctuation and other written conventions.
  • Makes no assumptions regarding a student’s skill base.
  • Makes learning relevant by immediately applying new skills to meaningful sentences.
  • Word building becomes a base for learning spelling rules.
  • Incorporates homophones and introduces a rich general vocabulary.
  • Promotes active comprehension and recall.
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Phonics Unlimited - Teacher's Manual with Diagnostic Assessment
Phonics Unlimited Teachers Manual
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