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On The Job

Do you want to fly a seaplane, a jet or a Boeing 747? OR want to work alongside the police, pathologists and other scientists?

Let the On the Job series take you on fun-filled tours behind the scenes of interesting and exciting jobs. You'll discover what it takes to work in these jobs and how cool they can be!

The On the Job books are fascinating in their detail and the real feel for the work that leaps from the page. Each book is packed full of relevant information, whether it be about cooking, flying planes, animals, sea-life, forensics, building... and so much more!

After reading an On the Job title, readers will come away with knowledge and insight into how particular jobs work. From organising a large event to working as part of a team, or working with tools and solving problems, this is a great series to help students see that life is full of opportunities - if they know where to start!

Suitable for upper primary and lower secondary students, the On the Job series will get kids thinking about what it means to work in different industries and how their interests can lead to exciting careers.