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Middle Years Library and Research Skills

The purpose of Middle Years Library and Research Skills is to provide a collection of self-contained lessons to help students in middle school maximise their school library usage.

For upper primary students these activities will help prepare them for entry to high school, while lower secondary students will be able to familiarise themselves with their new high school library whilse refining their research skills, taking them further along the path to becoming independent learners.

Each lesson is designed to last approximately 30-40 minutes and can be used by students with minimal input from the teacher or librarian. No reference has been made to any specific library catalogue or system in order to remain as relevant as possible to all schools. There is an overall emphasis on the use of electronic media, however, the importance of books and information in hardcopy collections has not been overlooked.

Units of work that are contained in each book:
Unit 1: Reacquainting yourself with the basics
Unit 2: Using the library: skills for locating resources
Unit 3: Honing your skills
Unit 4: Getting down to business