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Integrated Topic Series

Need assistance putting together materials and activities for your integrated topic units? These five Integrated Topic books have it all – and in full colour too! Each book provides you with full-colour story books and ready-to-use activities to teach skills and concepts across the whole lower primary curriculum.

Each book is divided into five units on the topic.
All of the units provide the following resources:
  • five colour story books (10 A4 pages) that can be laminated and used for shared reading
  • a smaller black and white photocopiable version of each story book that students can colour and take home
  • cut-out colour storyboard pieces to enhance vocabulary and concept development for each unit
  • colour literacy centre activities for each story
  • a wide variety of lessons focusing on reading, maths, art, dramatic play, cooking and music
  • letters to parents explaining the unit and providing suggestions on how to support their child’s learning about the topic in the home.

Basic concepts and skills become more meaningful when presented as an integrated topic.