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Instant Lessons Powerpoint - Science

Instant Lessons PowerPoint - The Skills of Science - Scientific Method series is about the nature of scientific method and testing ideas. The units of work encourage the development of students' conceptual understanding and thinking skills and for them to learn how to explore scientifically. Students will learn how to develop good scientific questions, how to investigate them and then draw evidence-based conclusions. Students are encouraged to converse about science, be sceptical and question claims about scientific matters, as well as raise confronting questions and make informed decisions about global and 'backyard' issues.

There is no need to purchase any PowerPoint software to run the slides - just flick the switch and start the lesson! Teach with a simple-to-use technology product featuring fully-illustrated slide sets and student worksheets that present curriculum in an engaging and interactive manner.

For each topic there is a PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM to summarise and extend the content explored. This is further complemented by a follow-up activity sheet based on the PowerPoint presentation which is also on the CD-ROM. Use the Science PowerPoint series to supplement your existing resources, to introduce new topics or for revision and assessment purposes.