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Instant Lessons Powerpoint - Geography

Core geography topics are explored in introductory-style PowerPoint lessons that feature diagrams, full-colour illustrations, key definitions, and quiz tasks. Each title contains 5 separate slide sets, student work sheets, answers and teacher's notes.

The student work sheets have been designed so that they can be used during the presentation or later in the classroom, or as homework, assessment or revision, and are on the CD-ROM in PDF and Word formats, or can be photocopied from the book. Each topic includes an extension work sheet that will encourage students to reflect upon and put into practice the knowledge and skills they have learnt in the slide sets.

The teacher's notes pages explain the key terms and concepts used in the slides, and answers section will ensure marking can be to easily completed.

These slide and work sheets sets are an easy way for teachers to present lessons in an interactive and visual manner. There is no need to purchase any PowerPoint software to run the slides - just flick the switch and start the lesson!