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Health and Understanding

Suitable for independent reading, guided reading and library reference.

Health and Understanding is a literacy-based series and interactive whiteboard program that helps teachers with these health issues during the last three years of primary school.

What students will learn from this series?
  • develop an understanding and ability to value themselves and others
  • understand the need for physical activity
  • learn about healthy eating
  • develop feelings of self-confidence and self-acceptance
  • build the skills necessary for positive interpersonal relationships
  • be better prepared to cope with physical and emotional change
  • be empowered to make informed decisions, leading to effective and responsible action.

Written by experienced children’s authors including Hazel Edwards, Goldie Alexander, Alan Horsfield and Wendy St Germain, Health and Understanding is endorsed by the Centre for Hormone Research, a joint department of the Royal Children’s Hospital and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.