Downloadable pdf: Sparklers - Gold - Teaching Guide Downloadable pdf: Introduction to Python
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Downloadable pdf: Sparklers - Gold - Teaching Guide Introduction to Python
This easy to use Teaching Guide will help you to get the most out of Sparklers Gold set. The comprehensive range of activities reinforces essential reading skills and strategies in a variety of interesting ways. This title is an introduction to Python, the powerful but easy-to-use high-level programming language. The lessons enable students to understand the process of developing programs, the importance of writing correct syntax, learn how to formulate algorithms for simple programs and debug their programs. Students will also learn about If statements, While loops, validation and searching.

These resources are written to enable teachers to deliver lessons about Python without students having to understand numerous syntax rules, and to help teachers unfamiliar with Python to assist pupils with problems they encounter when using the worksheets. These worksheets require minimal introduction, and encourage students to find out things for themselves while interacting with the software.
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