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Downloadable pdf: Assignments in Chemistry - Book 1

Downloadable pdf: Assignments in Chemistry - Book 1

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Resource Type: Secondary Teacher Resource Subject: Chemistry
School Level: Senior Secondary Years 11-12

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Description Authors
Includes topics that students have traditionally found difficult and breaks them into sections, examining each one step by step. There are an array of opportunities for students to test their scientific skills through the analysis and interpretation of diagrams, tables and graphs. Students will also extend their reasoning and literacy skills as they are guided through the application of theoretical concepts to practical examples. Research tasks are included to expand students' knowledge of the history of chemistry and the contributions of individual scientists.

Topics include:
- Separation
- The three states of matter
- Separating gases from the atmosphere
- Movement of particles
- Elements
- The Periodic Table
- The development of atomic theory
- Forming ions
- Lewis electron dot structures
- Ionic and covalent compounds
- Metals and metallic bonding
- Chemical reactions
- Naming compounds
- Valency and formula
- Introduction to carbon chemistry
- Acids bases and indicators
- Acid reactions
- Acids and metals
- Relative atomic mass
- Alchemy- the ancestor of chemistry

This checklist highlights the major uses and benefits of the books:

Versatile Uses
- Supplementary classroom lessons
- Homework activities
- Reinforcement of learning
- Extension work for advanced students
- Preparation for assessment
- Exam revision

Teaching Benefits
- Creative teaching ideas
- Developing greater student interest and understanding
- A fresh approach to a topic or lesson
- A way of targeting student weaknesses
- Suitable for individual or group work
- A variety of activities for home study

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