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New Eggy Animal Stories App great for classroom reading and FREE-to-download!

Eggy Animal Stories App is designed for emerging and newly independent readers and is now available through iTunes and Google Play for FREE. Within the app students can learn about 9 different native Australian animals and their habitats, which contain e-books, games and rewards. The range of fun activities and games help children develop essential hand-eye coordination skills.

Eggy Animal Stories also includes two FREE habitats in the app, Koala's Big Day and Clever Clownfish, featuring complete stories and the full range of activities to engage every child. With 9 habitats and stories and total, you can collect them all!

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Children's Story Book - Koala's Big Day Children's Story Book - Wombat's Secret Children's Story Book - Pelican's Pride
In Koala's Big Day, a baby koala travels with his mother and the other koalas to a gum tree that has enough leaves for everyone. In Wombat's Secret, a little wombat learns that the kangaroos have a secret. She sets off to discover what it is. In Pelican's Pride, Mr Pelican thinks he is as smart as he is handsome. He seems to do no work, and yet he is sleek and well-fed.
Children's Story Book - Bilby's Burrow Children's Story Book - Clever Clownfish Children's Story Book - Little Devils
In Bilby's Burrow, a little bilby escapes from a dingo. She gets lost and has to find her way back to the safety of her burrow. In Clever Clownfish, a lonely little fish leaves his anemone to travel across the reef in search of a friend. In Little Devils, the animals learn that courage is needed in times of danger, even if noisy Tasmanian devils can be hard to live with.
Children's Story Book - Grandpa Kangaroo Children's Story Book - Dolphin's Triumph Children's Story Book - Spiky Echidna
Looking after a bunch of boisterous youngsters was taking its toll on Grandpa Kangaroo. All he could think of was finding some time to himself but that meant being alone. In Dolphin's Triumph, a baby dolphin learns that determination pays off.
She practices swimming fast until she can leap from the water and fly
through the air in an arch.
In Spiky Echidna, a baby echidna gets a piece of wire caught in between his spines.