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Blake Education is one of Australia's leading "home grown" educational publishers.

Blake has been bringing quality educational publications to teachers and students for over a decade. Blake Education is devoted to helping Primary and Secondary teachers have easy access to teaching materials which are extremely useful. Our materials are written by teachers, for teachers which enable us to cater for the exact needs teachers share and present them in a way that is most appropriate for classroom use.

With literacy we know that different students have different needs and our vast array of literacy resources and programs ensure that not only can you rely on Blake Literacy to deliver the educational rigour necessary to achieve your students' maximum learning potential but that its resources will be thoroughly enjoyed by your students. Blake's proven literacy success is built on such series as Gigglers and Go Facts.

Storylands is the major new program from Blake Literacy which has 30 richly illustrated stories for each land and is supported by big books, non-fiction books, readers' theatre, teaching guides, literacy centres and posters. At Blake we believe stories are important because they bind us together, they make us laugh, think, imagine and empathise. Reading is a complex skill within which many skills make a meaningful whole. We believe in encouraging children to read by rewarding them with rich stories of the questing hero, the journey, full of comedy, mystery and adventure.

Blake's Primary Teachers' Resources cover diverse teaching styles and important subjects including: English, Maths, Science, The Arts, SOSE/HSIE and Personal Development and Health. Our catalogue divides each resource into a topic index so that if the topic you are teaching is for example Family & Friends you have seventeen different resources to access. Make sure you download the PDF of our catalogues.

Blake's Secondary Teachers' Resources comprise the popular Instant Lessons series of photocopiable books which are time-saving, meaningful and curriculum-focused. These resources are so popular because: student knowledge is tested; they use real-world examples; and have practical activities which supports curriculum work. Secondary subjects covered include: English, Maths, Science, Economics, Civics, Geography, History, Music, Materials & Technology, IT, Legal Studies, and ESL.

The constant flow of new publications ensures that teachers have the best and latest resources from which to choose. We also love to receive feedback from teachers as we, like you, are always looking for ways to improve what we do.

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Publisher Messages


2014 is likely to be a very challenging year for you as you work towards implementing the Australian Curriculum across the major subject areas. To help you with this task, my team and I have developed a range of resources to help you with the implementation.

These great resources also include curriculum code correlations to help with your programming. We have many new products that you can be confident will support implementation of the Australian Curriculum, these can be found on our Australian Curriculum page or by using the search filters.

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Lynn Dickinson Publisher, Primary Teacher Resource

I am currently looking for indigenous artists, writers and teachers with innovative and creative ideas for resources to support the new curriculum, if you are interested please email lynnd@blake.com.au.


The Instant Lessons series remains a favourite in schools because every title in it helps save teachers’ lesson planning time. With features such as editable and photocopiable pages, PowerPoint slide sets, libraries of reusable images and diagrams and short movies; there are ready-to use resources to build a quality lesson around in most subject areas.

And keep in mind the Achieve! range of titles that specialise in units of work for students with low literacy skills. These books make the curriculum accessible for every student in your class.

Jennifer Gough, Commissioning Editor