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Numeracy for work

The Numeracy for work series provides photocopiable work sheets that help reinforce essential skills to do with numbers and basic mathematics. The work sheets are suitable for students in Years 710 and will also support less able students in higher year levels.
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Numeracy for work - Number, Entry level 1 Numeracy for work - Handling data, Entry level 1 Numeracy for work - Measurement, shape and space, Entry level 1
Numeracy for work - Number, Entry level 1
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Students learn numeral recognition for numbers up to 10, how to write numbers as words, counting forwards and backwards, and simple addition and subtraction. Students are introduced to different ways of presenting data, how to compare and extract information from lists, and how to sort objects into groups. Students learn about different measures, including size, height, length, width, weight and capacity, how to add and subtract with money, and the vocabulary of time.