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Rainforest Maths - Level A CD–ROM
Rainforest Maths A
Our Price: AUD$59.95 Inc GST
The interactive mathematics activities on this disc are written to support and practise skills in the following areas:

NUMBER: numbers to 10, counting, subtracting, grouping, sharing
ALGEBRA: patterning with shapes and numbers
MEASUREMENT: length, area, volume, capacity, mass, time
SPACE: 3D shapes, 2D shapes, position
CHANCE: probability
DATA: graphs

Level A activities are recommended for the following year levels*:

Kindergarten in NSW and ACT
Preparatory in VIC and TAS
Year 1 in QLD, SA, WA and NT

This disc can be installed on your school network, classroom computers or used on an interactive whiteboard.
The suite of interactive maths activities on this CD-ROM are written to address the outcomes of the maths curriculum in all grades and states, and provide support and practise in Number, Algebra, Space, Measurement, Money and Chance and Data.

Minimum operating requirements:
600 MHz Intel Pentium III processor or above
Windows 98 or later
128 MB system RAM
CD-ROM Drive
500MHz PowerPC, G3 processor
Mac OS 10.1 & later
128 MB RAM